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Lisa Andrea Torres - Contemporary American Jazz Singer/Songwriter

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About Lisa Andrea Torres – Jazz Singer/Vocalist

Offering a versatile repertoire in English, Portuguese and Spanish; jazz singer/vocalist Lisa Andrea Torres a San Francisco Bay Area native now based in Los Angeles, has been performing in California, Miami, Brazil, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, the Philippines, and Mexico for the past 25 years, five of which were spent in Rio and São Paulo, Brazil. Expressing warmth and versatility, Lisa’s vocal style and musical arrangements combine elements of contemporary jazz, Latin jazz, and Brazilian bossa nova and samba. During and while living/performing in Brazil and Miami for over thirteen years, she began singing on the Asia circuit doing 4 month-contracts in nightclubs and hotels.

Since 2010, Lisa has been appearing regularly at local venues, blending the richness and diversity of North and South American music with many of the top Bay Area straight-ahead jazz, Latin Jazz and Brazilian Jazz musicians.

Innovative and rhythmic, Lisa’s debut CD The Seventh Sense produced and recorded in Miami, offers a fresh take on classics like Burt Bacharach’s “The Look of Love”, Brazilian composer Jorge Benjor’s “Mas Que Nada”, and Milton Nascimento’s “Nada Será Como Antes”. These standards along with her original compositions, create a ‘chill-out’ blend of rhythm, lyric, and style.

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Lisa Andrea Torres – Vocalist

Contemporary American, Brazilian, Latin Jazz, & Bossa Nova

– English – Portuguese- Spanish – Presented by Live Arts Music

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Live Arts Music Presents - Lisa Andrea Torres

Contemporary Jazz, Latin Jazz, Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba.

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  • Garçons de Cafe -Sounds of Brazil bossa nova & samba w/ Sandro Rebel 8:00 pm, Los Angeles, Garçons de Cafe
  • Duo with Sandro Rebel 7:00 pm, Pasadena, Sorriso Restaurant/ Bar
  • Garçons de Café – Sounds of Brazil – bossa nova & samba 8:00 pm, Los Angeles, Garçons de Café - DTLA
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