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SULTRY American jazz singer Lisa Torres and top-caliber pianist

Gary Fischer performs Mondays thru

Saturdays at Shangri-La Hotel Manila’s

Conway’s Bar starting

April 18.

San Francisco-based Lisa has been

Lisa Torres

singing Brazilian Jazz and Bossa Nova in and outside of the Bay Area for many years. She studied music in several schools including Hunter College in New York and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

After visiting Brazil and having had the opportunity to perform with and learn from several of its homegrown musi-cians, her plan is to enthuse the public in one of the richest kinds of music

Henderson, John Handy and Richie Cole. His recording credits include Henry Franklin’s We Came To Play, Tony Pagano’s Heartspace and two current releases -Brian Melvin’s Live in Las Vegas and Malo’s /

Found You Out.

Listen to the country’s most scintillating performances

Lisa and Gary perform Mondays thru

Saturdays starting April

18 at 9 p.m. Reserva tions recommended.

Please call 814-2543 or call 813-8888 ext. 7026.

around today.

Gary Fischer, on the other hand, has performed extensively throughout Europe with many established artists like Joe